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Owner: Susan Jackson loves to teach drawing and painting! Owner of Paint, Draw & More!, Georgetown School of the Arts, and Masters and Mixers, Susan has been committed to art education for over 20 years. While earning an undergraduate degree as an industrial and graphic designer and then a Master’s in scenic painting, Susan held many jobs as an art instructor, teaching drawing, painting and scenic design to children. After working as a show designer at Disney Imagineering, Susan made her way back to the classroom, teaching at the Monart School of the Arts in California. At Monart, she was trained by Mona Brooks, author of Drawing with Children and Drawing with Older Children and Teens. Upon returning to CT, Susan has been arranging and teaching drawing/art classes throughout Fairfield County. In 1994 Susan opened the Paint, Draw & More! Studio, and along with teaching children and adult classes, has been teaching training workshops for teachers to use drawing in the classrooms of public schools.

Steve Burke writes “I was always interested in the mechanics of how things work and at the same time fascinated with sailing. In my 20's I followed my heart to the mechanics of the internal combustion engine and earned a license in auto repair and maintenance from SAAB International. My second career was as a machinist at a small R+D firm where I gained experience working on interesting equipment, shaping and experimenting with a wide variety of materials. By then, I had owned and restored several large classic wood boats and designed and marketed a "personal sized" land and ice sailboard. Soon after I began a home construction company specializing in design, restoration, additions, and cabinetry. The inner satisfaction of designing and creating has provided me with decades of rewards. Using my expertise in design, mechanics, and woodworking I have now turned to teaching to share my experience with students who have similar interests to those I had as a child."

Heather Bennett has worked as an assistant instructor at Green Chimneys Children’s School, working with special needs students, grades Pre-K to middle school, with an arts and craft emphasis. She achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, and graduate scholarships abroad at The Rennie Machintosh School of the Arts, Glasgow, Scotland and Ulster University School of Fine Arts, Belfast, Ireland. Heather also holds a degree in photography from Thomas Nelson College, Hampton, VA. Heather founded “The Late Night Milk Run,” a 15-year-old online business specializing in hand made sculptures (plush dolls) and prop designs. Her work has been featured in publications including ELLE, Glamour, Milk Magazine (France) and Linda Wonen (Holland). Her dolls and artwork have also been seen on TV shows such as HBO’s “Girls” and “Modern Family.” Paint Draw and More is excited to have Heather join our staff.

Jo-Ann T. Claybourne, a CT native, attended the School of Visual Arts in NY, NY where she expanded her experience in sketching, drawing, painting and mixed media. Jo-Ann is gifted with the vision to create exciting pieces of artwork using different media. She enjoys exploring her creativity to it's fullest, each time Jo-Ann creates a new piece she is driven to enhance her technique; using feathers, fabric, wood, dried flowers... The combination of vibrant colors and mixed media gives each piece of artwork a life of it's own. Her commitment to explore her heritage has won her not only regional acclaim but also the attention of national collectors.

Anastasia Gussen: With a degree in molecular and cell biology, Anastasia Gussen is also trained in all traditional types of media; pen and ink, pencil, charcoal, paint and photography. She has participated in invitation only life drawing classes and has completed a graphic design program at Pratt Institute. She is a member of the Weston Commission for the Arts and through her non-profit AnastasiaThinks Inc. Anastasia is writing and publishing a series of children’s books featuring calculus, organic chemistry, anthropology, evolution and philosophy; topics which young children are rarely exposed. Paint Draw and More is thrilled to have Anastasia join our staff of fine teachers.

Ellen Goldman is an enthusiastic weaver who enjoys sharing her love of weaving with others. A former middle school teacher, she has since taught weaving and crafts to children at the Wilton Historical Society and a variety of other venues. She has traveled to Guatemala and Mexico to study weaving and natural fiber dyeing and druing this course will be going to Peru. Ellen is an active member of The Handweavers Guild of Connecticut.