Class & Camp Schedules for adults and children learn drawing, cartooning and more in Fairfield County, CT
Home of Paint, Draw & More! art classes for all ages in public and private schools, parks and recreation departments around Connecticut
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Paint, Draw & More! 25 Old Mill Road, West Redding, CT 06896 (203-544-8551)
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    (an introduction to Paint, Draw & More! located in Georgetown (Redding), Connecticut)

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    (all art lessons designed and guided by owner Susan Jackson)

    • Summer Schedule
      (a full artistic summer at local Parks & Recreation locations in Brookfield, Fairfield, New Fairfield, Newtown, Norwalk, Stamford and Wilton, CT - serving Fairfield County)

    • Fall & Spring Schedule
      (continue learning drawing, cartooning, sculpting, clay and more all year round - classes available in our studio in Georgetown, CT as well as in local public and private schools)

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    (birthday parties and events for children ages 5 to 13, experience the world of creativity and media exploration - choose from drawing, painting, sculputure, jewelry making, face painting, foil repose, collage and puppet making)

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    (directions to Paint, Draw & More! 25 Old Mill Road, West Redding, Connecticut 06896)

  • Starter Kits
    (we put together art school teacing materials, art supplies, and business consultation information to enable artists, parents and entrepreneurs to open thier own art school)